Message From The Chairman

Omer Qalonbi

The Executive Director of the Civil Service Institute (CSI)

Dear Sir/Madam
Welcome to Somaliland’s Civil Service Institute (CSI) and thank you for choosing to visit/read the academic catalog information of the Institute.   As the Executive Director of the Civil Service Institute (CSI-Somaliland), strengthening government institutions through the different faculty education, professional training & institutional capacity development programs is our main priority. According to the Institute’s Establishment Act our Mission is; to deliver high-quality academic and training programs based on the identified human resource needs, resulting in a cadre of civil service officers committed to delivering high-quality services in the public sector of the government of Somaliland. 
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About CSI

Civil Service Institute (CSI) is a national center of excellence in Administration, Management and Accounting. The institute was established on May 2005 and officially opened on 19th September 2005. Its establishment was aimed to develop civil servants of the country to a skilled knowledgeable staff. Starting with short term trainings, it has grown significantly in terms of the number of civil servants trained, expansion of training programs, links with external institutions and other contract trainings from external institutions. So far, the institute has trained more than three thousand five hundred civil servants and its training covered five of the six regions and almost all of the “A” grade districts and JPLG supported districts. The institute provides short term trainings, long term specialized education and tailor made training programs. Its partners include Civil Service Commission, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Planning and Coordination, Ministry of Finance, five regional capital districts, UNDP, UN-Habitat, AET and Ethiopian Civil Service University.

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