CSI’s five-year (2021-2025) Strategic Plan

Today, at a time when the value of higher education is of great essence, CSI’s impact on both the public and private sectors is growing. CSI is, thus, committed to providing collaborative, interdisciplinary, and solutions-based education and consultancy services that will help our trainees successfully address challenges, now and throughout their careers, and make positive changes in Somaliland’s public service provision. To this rationale, The Civil Service Institute’s Strategy Plan sets clear deliverable priorities for the coming five years (2021-2025). The plan, which is aligned to the Somaliland National Development Plan Two, will further support the institute’s efforts of undertaking and discharging its mandated responsibilities.

Furthermore, the institute has written this plan to engage with and inform our stakeholders about our direction of travel. The strategic plan document is also intended to give our staff a clear set of medium-term goals to which everyone’s work contributes. Moreover, the added value for the Civil Service Institute’s Strategy Plan sets building blocks for the operation teams to develop annual work plans, including more detailed departmental plans and Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks.

The plan, hence, establishes strategic priorities for the Institute for the coming five years’ period dated above. These strategic priorities are focused on the improvement of the below-charted four strategic areas.