CSI Training Aims and Objectives

  • To develop knowledge, skill, and attitude of civil servants through provision of short-term professional trainings and long-term training programs throughout the republic of Somaliland, within the vision to improve public service delivery.
  • To promote the knowledge and skill of the officers of the civil servants and bring them together to secure complete integration of the services and to build a corps of officers imbibed with the sprit co-operation in all aspects of civil servants.
  • To acquire and promote modern skill of civil administration and to harmonize between the different fields of civil administration by disseminating or exchanging knowledge thereof and by providing such other facilities as would lead to their universal application.

Short Term Program

  1. Tailor-made training
  2. Common Courses
  3. Professional Certifications

English Diploma Program

The delivery of English language is an essential element in the evolution of CSI Somaliland. Students are provided with English language courses of 8 months. This enables students to manage and communicate more effectively in English within their work environment and therefore will enable the students to be more productive and efficient. CSI Somaliland has made a commitment to deliver English broadly along the guidelines of CELTA recommendations. The initial group of CSI staff has been trained to these recommendations and are now able to pass this knowledge on. CSI will ensure that teachers will deliver lessons within these guidelines and to ensure that the delivery is effective, meaning to ensure that learners are learning and are improving their language within the business context. CSI gives emphasis to speaking, reading, writing, and listening with the aim to always engage learners in the lessons and that delivery is varied and inclusive.


  • Students will heighten their awareness of correct usage of English grammar in writing and speaking
  • Students will improve their speaking ability in English both in terms of fluency and
  • comprehensibility
  • Students will give oral presentations and receive feedback on their performance
  • Students will increase their reading speed and comprehension of work-based articles
  • Students will improve their reading fluency skills through extensive reading in the workplace
  • Students will enlarge their vocabulary by keeping a vocabulary journal or work-based language
  • Students will strengthen their ability to write work-based email and notes.