About the Training


The CSI training and consultancy department offers a customized short-term and certification programs and consultancy for the Somaliland public sector. Our tailor-made training programs targeted at top, middle and lower level staff of Somaliland civil service to enhance their skill

Vision                                                                                      Mission                                         
"CSI’s vision is to be a training and development             "CSI’s mission is to deliver high-quality programs
institute for international standards leading to                based on identified human resource needs, resulting
the development of a modern, world-class                       in a cadre of civil service officers committed to deriving
civil service in the Republic of Somaliland."                       high-quality service in the Republic of Somaliland"

Overall Objective

  • To develop the knowledge, skill, and attitude of the civil servants through the provision of short-term professional training and long-term training programs to improve public service delivery.
  • To have access to quality need-based training and academic programs will help them improve their performance and enable them to deliver timely, efficient services.
  • To hold, organize, arrange and conduct seminars, symposiums, talks, debates, lectures, and other means of dispensing education to meet the needs and challenges of the modern-day Civil Administration.